Thursday, 2 April 2009

Guns, beerlube and Jesus: Roadside adverts

Something’s got to relieve the pain of travelling by Greyhound in the US - for me it was the roadside advertisements.

There was a multitude of great advertisements which helped me to pass the time, making me gasp, chuckle or even howl out in amazement.

These massive great hoardings dominate the interstate landscape, interrupting your view and towering over chain motels, fast food outlets and anything else that has the misfortune to be backed up against these great highways.

Like so much in the States anything goes and - if you’ve got the money - it seems you can hire these hoardings; securing your own personal patch on which to try and flog your wares to the captive motorist.

The following few should give a flavour of what‘s out there…

“Nobodys perfect - thats why you need plastic surgery - Texas

“We sue lawyers.” - Texas

“What can I build for you?” - Texas

“Get the trucking job you deserve” - Texas

“18 wheeler wreck? 1-800 Lawsuit” - Texas

“Cowboy. Your all -American dealer” - Texas 888-IKE-CLAIM-4U’ - Louisiana

‘Experiencing Jesus Again’ - Louisiana

‘Give us your gun and we’ll give you $1,000’ - New Orleans, Louisiana

‘Our business stinks, but it’s picking up’ - rubbish truck, New Orleans, Louisiana

‘Get your hunting and fishing licence today. Call 1-800-GOHUNT’ - Mississippi

Tennessee - where Elvis lives’ - Tennessee

‘Abstinence works’ (Sponsored by the Girl Scouts) - Tennessee

“You can have Jesus forever. Call 1-800-NEEDHIM’ - North Carolina

“Hell is truth seen to late [sic]” - Church sign, North Carolina

‘Naughty adult shop - home of the famous beer lube’ - truck/shop, Wisconsin

“Depression can be dangerous. See your doctor” - Minnesota

“Been rear-ended?” - Minnesota

“Abortion is a death in the family” - Minnesota

“Congress has gone to hell” - Minnesota

‘Prison area - do not pick up hitchhikers’ - Michigan

‘We’re happy to sell to gunmen and terrorists’ - Boston, Massachusetts

‘Coming soon - Spring, and Jesus’ - New York State

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